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Uniform Policy


The Staff at Strauch Elementary School believes that every student should be allowed to learn free of distraction and should be safe going to and from school, as well as throughout the school day.  An environment that is safe and caring will only increase our students’ ability to be as successful as we know they can be.   Students in uniform help staff to see immediately who should or should not be on campus.  The uniform policy has the support of staff, parents and the Twin Rivers Unified School District.  Students play in the bark boxes, on the blacktop and on the field regularly.  They need to have clothes that are comfortable and appropriate for active play.
  • Long pants, skorts, jumpers and shorts may be navy blue or khaki.  Plain dark blue jeans are acceptable.  
  • Sweats with elastic at the ankles, nylon shorts or nylon warm-up pants are not considered uniform. 
  • Clothes must fit well and may not be “baggy” or skintight. ‘Sagging’ pants are not allowed at any time. 
  • Leggings may be a solid blue, white, or black and cannot be worn as pants. 
  • Polo shirts, turtlenecks and shirts with a collar may be worn in white, navy or light blue only. These items should be free of logos or designs. They must be a solid color. 
  • No tank tops or short tops may be worn as a shirt. (No midriff showing). 
    Colored undershirts are not allowed. 
  • At no time are undergarments to be exposed.
  • No special jacket is required. Please avoid jackets with team logos.
  • Shoes that are suitable for physical education will be worn. Lace-up or Velcro sneakers are the ideal style.  Socks should always be worn. Sandals or backless shoes are not to be worn; shoes need to be close-toed.
  • Hats are discouraged at school. Only hats to protect from the sun or cold weather are allowed.  Hats may not be worn indoors.    
  • Shorts and Skirt length:  Must be longer than the student’s fingertips when their arms are extended straight down.
  • Red:  We do not allow children to wear the color red at any time. Please try to avoid purchasing red jackets or shoes.
  • Strauch logo t-shirts (sold in the office) with uniform bottoms are acceptable uniform shirts and can be worn daily.
  • Last Friday of each month:  Free dress. Please remember that dress code is still in effect for these days which does include no red or open toed shoes.    


We work with students and families to make sure that everyone follows the School Uniform Policy.  We have an open uniform closet. If a student comes to school out of uniform, the school staff may:
  • Call home and ask that a change of clothing be brought to the school.
  • Lend an item from our uniform closet. 
  • Give the student a number on their contract.
  • Send a note home to the parent.


If you choose not to have your child comply with the Student Uniform Policy adopted at Strauch School, you must apply for a waiver from the uniform requirements for the school year. This can be done by speaking with administration and writing a letter. If the waiver is approved, your child must continue to follow the Twin Rivers Unified School District Administration Regulation #5560(a) regarding district wide Dress Code.