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Hazel Strauch Elementary

Hazel Strauch Elementary

Parent/Student Handbook

Student / Parent Handbook

Student / Parent Handbook

Hazel Strauch Elementary Logo
Hazel Strauch Elementary School

Hazel Strauch Elementary School

3141 Northstead Drive
Sacramento, CA 95833

Office: (916) 566-2745
Fax: (916) 566-3546

Twin Rivers Unified School District
Welcome Strauch Families!

Welcome Strauch Families!

Dear Parents/Guardians,
The staff at Hazel Strauch Elementary would like to welcome you to the 2020-2021school year.  We are looking forward to another exciting and successful year for all of our students.  Every staff member at Hazel Strauch is committed to meeting the academic, social and emotional needs of each and every student.  In order to provide our students with the best possible educational experience, it is essential that we work closely together.  Being actively involved in your child’s education is crucial to developing a strong home-school partnership.  You are a very important part of our team and your support is essential to your child’s success in school. 
In this handbook, you will find our school expectations, policies and procedures.  They are necessary to ensure a safe and orderly environment for learning.  They also help our students develop personal responsibility and citizenship skills.  We encourage you to read through it thoroughly with your child and discuss the information it contains. 
We want to continue to stress the importance of being at school every day and on time.    Our school day begins at 8:30 a.m. Monday thru Friday, and dismissal is at 3:12 p.m.  Dismissal time every Wednesday is at 1:12 p.m.  Please refer to the daily schedule printed in this handbook so you can become familiar with our start and end times for the school year.   
If you have any questions or concerns not covered in this handbook, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher or our front office.    
Mr. Michael Amparo
School Mission

School Mission

Strauch School is committed to providing a high quality instructional program within a safe and orderly environment where all students will reach their maximum potential both socially and academically.
School Rules

School Rules

Be Safe

Be Respectful

Be Responsible
School Mascot

School Mascot

Strauch School Mascot Falcon giving a thumbs up
Strauch School Staff

Strauch School Staff

Office Staff:
Principal               Michael Amparo
Vice Principal       Cheryl Chandler
AIS                        Lamar Rushton
Office Mgr.           Tammy Renfroe
Admin. Asst.         Sara Garrison
School Nurse        Cynthia Villongco
Health Asst.          Nancy Suarez
Classroom Teachers:
Preschool                         TK                             Kindergarten                   1st grade
                                  Pedro Reynoso                   Melissa Aguirre-Sanchez K/1        
Michelle Green                                                     Michelle Peri                    Julia Hoaglen
Stephanie Greenig                                               Arie Phongmany               Denee Land-Price
Leanne Rae                                                          Agatha Rector                   Sau Tau
     2nd grade                           3rd grade                        4th grade                                 5th grade                 
     Dianne Davis                     Sonia Borja                    Leanna MacDonald                    Jeff Bartell  
     K. Larson/ C. Peer             Lacy Lilly                         Meg Rierson                             Nick Lugo
     DeAnn Karl                         Kao Xiong                     Kelli Springer                              Jessica Thomson
     Olivia Sanchez                   Mary Michelman
            6th grade                     Special Day Class                  Special Education
Marylyn Del Castillo                     Crista Thomas                         Kerri Asbury
Aurora Mulder                                                                               Sharon Her
Lupe Gonzales   
Support Staff
Library Media Tech                      Ebony Edmond
Preschool Para                              Lauren England
Preschool Para                              Dolores Fernandez
Kinder Para                                   Rebecca Amaya
RSP Para                                       Cheryl Jones, Helena Brobbey
SDC Para                                      Jennifer Meza
AISB                                             Leslie Santos
Cafeteria Manager                        Lupe Morales
Specialist Staff
Psychologist                                 Cindy Tastard
RSP                                               Kerri Asbury
Speech (SLP)                                Leah Wight
Daily Schedule

Daily Schedule

Our gates open every day at 7:45 a.m for students who wish to eat breakfast in the cafeteria.  School starts daily at 8:30 a.m. and students arriving to school before 8:15 a.m must go to the cafeteria.  Students will not be allowed on the playground until 8:15 a.m when supervision staff will be on duty.  Students are not to arrive on campus earlier than 7:45 a.m. unless they are participating in a supervised activity.


Our staff maintains regular and on-going communication with our families.  Teachers utilize either a weekly or daily contract or the Class Dojo program.  These are used to communicate how your child’s week is going on a daily basis.  Please review this communication tool so you can be up to date on daily behavior and homework.     

Once a month we schedule Coffee and Conversation for our parents to meet with Strauch Administration.  During this time we discuss current activities, upcoming events and look to parents for recommendations and support with everything from how to improve school safety to volunteering in classrooms.  Meetings dates are listed in the school newsletter. 

Frequently flyers are sent home with students to keep you up to date on upcoming activities and events at Strauch.  We do our best to send all notices home each week in students’ Friday folders.  Periodically we will call every family with a recorded message about an upcoming event.  Please make sure the office has a current phone number on file so that you will receive all phone messages throughout the year with reminders and announcements. 

Our school newsletter is sent home every other month with important information about current events, ways to support your child at school and any upcoming parent meetings. 

Our school webpage can be accessed at  In addition, classroom teachers send home classroom newsletters, progress reports and communicate directly with parents either by phone or email.  All Strauch teachers can be reached by email or by phone.  A voicemail message can also be left at any time.    
Parent Involvement

Parent Involvement

Strauch School recognizes that students’ families are their first and most influential teachers and that continued family involvement in the education of children contributes greatly to student achievement and a positive school environment. 
Involvement includes:
  • Encouraging parents/families to serve as volunteers in the school, chaperone field trips, attend student functions and school meetings, participate in school and district committees and advisory councils.
  • Regularly communicate with families regarding events, homework, academics and behavior through classroom contracts, teacher reports, school newsletter, individual classroom newsletters, automated phone calling system, progress reports each trimester, phone calls and home visits.
  • Offering parent/family educational opportunities including:  Adult Education English Tutoring, parent workshops, family nights and referrals to community resources.
Specific opportunities for parent involvement include:
School Governance:
  • School Site Council (SSC)
  • District Advisory Council
  • English Learner Advisory Council (ELAC) 
  • Clerical work in the classroom and home
  • Tutoring support
  • Field trips and assemblies
  • School events, fundraisers, and family nights
  • School Beautification Projects
Attending and Supporting:
  • Student awards assemblies
  • Open House and Back to School Night
  • Parent Conferences
  • Parent Workshops
  • Student performances and events
Several means of communication (as listed above) are used to invite parents to events and also to participate in conferences and committees.  Families are also encouraged to participate in supporting classrooms, Jog-A Thon, Reading Week, Talent Show, Red Ribbon Week, Fieldtrips, Play Day, fundraisers, Book Fairs, and Family Nights.

Grade level expectations and standards are explained at Back to School Night.  Parents are kept informed throughout the year as to the progress of their child.  Letters are sent home for students at risk academically, behaviorally, or for attendance concerns.  Parent conference days are set aside to explain in depth the progress each student is making.  Parents are encouraged to contact their child’s teacher directly whenever they have any concerns. 
Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures

Absences and Attendance - It is important that every student come to school every day and on time.  Regular attendance is essential to successful school performance.  If your child is absent, it is necessary that you call our main office line at (916) 566-2745 and press 2 to report your child’s absence or send in a written note indicating the reason for the absence.  Our voicemail is available 24 hours a day.  Whenever leaving a voicemail please leave your child’s name, the teachers name, your name and the reason for the absence.  Families will receive an automated phone call for uncleared absences and only have 5 days to clear an absence.   

By law, parents are obligated to send their child to school daily. Parents are strongly encouraged to schedule medical appointments during non-school hours. A student’s absence from school shall be excused only for the following reasons: personal illness, medical/dental appointment, court appearance (child’s), quarantine under the direction of a county or city health officer, observance of religious holiday or attendance at a funeral service for a member of the immediate family.  Unexcused absences are those due to unreported absences, vacations, non-medical appointments….etc.

School absences are monitored carefully throughout the year. If a student has more than 10 absences in a school year for illness, a physician may be asked to verify further absences for illness.  Excessive excused absences may also require notification to the School Attendance and Review Team (SART) or the district School Attendance Review Board (SARB).

A student absent from school without a valid excuse or tardy in excess of 30 minutes or more on three (3) or more days in one (1) school year is considered truant. Parents will receive written notification in the event their child is truant. Students who continue to have unexcused absences or tardies of 30 minutes or more may also require notification to the School Attendance Review Board (SARB). This is a requirement of the California Education Code. {Education Code: 48200}

Late Arrivals
  • Students are tardy if they arrive to their classroom after the morning start time.
  • Students who arrive late must report to the office for a late slip.
  • Habitually late or tardy students will be referred to the School Attendance Review Team (SART).   
  • Students who are tardy or absent are not eligible for attendance awards.
Early Dismissals - If it is necessary that students leave the school grounds before the regular dismissal time, the parent/guardian may send a written note to the teacher, or call the office indicating their intentions.  Students will be called out of class when the parent/guardian arrives in the office to sign them out of school.  Students are not released to anyone other than their parents/ guardians without authorization, and must be signed out from the office.  Students may be released ONLY to those persons designated on the emergency card. You may be asked to show proof of identification when checking out students.  If a student returns to school following an appointment, they must check in with the office before going to class.

Independent Study Contracts - Students who are going to be out of school for five or more days for reasons other than illness or injury may be eligible for independent study. There is a specific set of district criteria for independent study, which can be picked up from the office.  An Independent Study Contract must be requested three or more days prior to a planned absence so that teachers can prepare materials for the student.  Independent Study Contracts will not be issued after April 1st.  Independent Study Contract forms are available in the school office.  Students who use Independent Study Contracts are not eligible for trimester attendance awards.

Arriving and Departing from School - School begins at 8:30 and is dismissed at 3:12.  Every Wednesday we have early release and school is out at 1:12.  The cafeteria serves breakfast between 7:45 and 8:15 a.m.  The playground is to stay clear until the students are taken out for recess 15 minutes before school starts, and is closed after school.  Families that arrive early are asked to wait in the cafeteria, not on the playground. Playground supervision of students begins 15 minutes before the start of school.  Please have a backup plan with your child if you are running late or are unable to pick them up.  Please call our office by 12:00 p.m. if you need to make last minute alternate arrangements for after school pick up.  Teachers are often doing outside activities with their class towards the end of the day and may not receive these messages before the dismissal bell.       

For your child’s safety and to minimize strangers on campus, our campus is closed from the time school starts until the time school ends. The gates will be opened at the last bell to allow students to walk off campus, and parents to go to classrooms.  Please do not try to step into a classroom at the beginning or end of the day, as it takes the teacher away from teaching their class.  Students are dismissed by their teacher, not the bell, and anyone picking up a child must wait until students come out of their classrooms.  If an older child will be picking up a younger sibling after school, let them know they may be asked what brings them on campus, and they simply need to tell the adult who they are picking up.

Car Drop Off/Pick-Up
  • The gates on Edmonton will be closed throughout the day except in an emergency.  Staff will have gate keys if they need to take their students outside the gates. 
  • Children waiting to be picked up must remain in front of the school, until picked up.
  • Students not picked up by 3:25 PM will be brought to the office to contact a parent/guardian.
  • Students are not to go into the street to meet parents/guardians.
  • Do not leave your car unattended along the pick-up and drop-off curb area.  Drivers must be in cars at the loading area at all times.  Police will cite illegally parked cars in the red zone.  
  • Continue to pull forward during pick-up and drop-off to utilize the entire front of the school. Please do not block others or the crosswalks.  The children will know to look for your car all along the pick-up area.
Walking - Students who walk to school must do so in a safe and orderly fashion. Students must walk directly to school and home and not stop along the way.  Students will be held accountable to the school for their behavior while walking to and from school.

Emergency Cards - Emergency cards are kept on file in the office and in the classroom.  If you have changes with a telephone number or address, please contact the school immediately so that the card can be updated.  IF AN EMERGENCY SHOULD ARISE WITH YOUR CHILD, IT IS VITAL THAT WE HAVE IMMEDIATE ACCESS TO PARENTS OR A DESIGNATED ADULT.

Medication - The school recognizes that students may have special medical needs.  The Education Code (49407) outlines conditions for administering medications at school during the time the student is under the supervision of school personnel.  Medications, both prescription and over-the-counter, can only be given if there are written instructions from a health care provider and written permission from the parent/guardian.  Written instructions must be renewed at the start of each school year.  Medication must be labeled and in the original container.  Students may not carry any medications with them during the school day.  If your child needs an inhaler, please ask your doctor for an extra one to keep in the school office for emergencies.  Arrangements can be made with the health office for asthma sufferers who need to carry an inhaler with them.  

Illness or Injury - Parents will be promptly notified of any serious injury or illness that occurs on the school grounds.  It is critical to keep up-to-date information on your child’s emergency card, which is on file in the school office. Parents may be asked to pick up their child for their own observation or examination by their family physician.  If the accident or injury warrants, the school will call 911 and notify the parents immediately. The school does not have a full-time nurse.

Classroom and School Visitations - To ensure the safety of our students, all visitors must sign in at the office and get a visitors badge, which must be worn while on campus. Parents/guardians and interested members of the community are encouraged to visit the school and observe the educational program. Visits during school hours should be arranged twenty four hours in advance with the teacher or administrator.  If a conference with the teacher is desired, an appointment should be set with the teacher during non-instructional time.  When school is in session, all visitors must go directly to the school office to register (Penal code 627.6) before going into instructional areas. 

Volunteers - We value the contributions that parents and community members make in our schools. We welcome volunteers in our classrooms and on our campus. Volunteers are special people who are willing to donate their time and energy to the students and staff of our district.  All visitors/volunteers must sign in at the school office and wear a Strauch Elementary visitor badge prior to going onto the campus.  Visitors must sign out and return the badge before leaving the campus.  Classroom volunteers are under the direct supervision of teachers and administrators while on campus.

It is the District policy that cellular phones, pagers, and other personal electronic communication devices not be used in a manner that interrupts or distracts students or staff members in the performance of assigned duties, except for emergency purposes.  Please set phones to “silent” mode while on campus.  Phone calls should be made in areas away from instructional activities. 

If an adult is going to volunteer more than ten hours a week or be alone with children, for example, attend or drive students on a field trip, they need to complete a volunteer application, be fingerprinted and have a cleared TB test verification.  Please call 916-566-1600 to set up an appointment to be fingerprinted.  Volunteer applications need to be turned in at the district office.  Once cleared, the district will issue a district approved volunteer badge. 

There are times when a volunteer may see or hear something in a classroom or on the campus regarding a student’s academic progress, a discipline issue or other matter that must be kept confidential.  Therefore, we ask volunteers to be aware that individual student information should not be discussed with anyone other than the appropriate school officials.

English Language Advisory Committee (ELAC) - Our ELAC meets four to five times a year.  This is an advisory committee where parents and guardians can make recommendations for school operations and the School Plan.

School Site Council - Strauch Elementary School receives funding beyond the district general budget through participation in the Title I Program.  The School Site Council develops and improves school programs with these funds. Site Council is made up of parents/guardians, staff and administrators and meets five to six times a year.  All parents may attend site School Site Council meetings.  Meeting dates are listed in the school newsletter.   

Closed Campus - To ensure student safety and supervision, Strauch has established a closed campus policy. When a student arrives on the school grounds, they must remain on campus until the end of the school day. No one is allowed to visit the campus or go into a classroom during school hours without checking in at the office and receiving a badge.

Cell Phone Use - Cell phone use by students is not permitted during school hours as they become a distraction and can lead to disputes or problems on the playground.  If students bring a cell phone to school, they must be turned off and left in their backpack.  If students disregard this policy, the cell phone may be confiscated and will be held until a parent can pick it up.  The school is not liable or responsible for theft, loss, or damaged cell phones.  

Messages and Deliveries - Due to the volume of requests and multiple classroom interruptions, the office staff will not deliver personal messages or items in order to minimize interruptions to classroom instruction.  Messages about change of plans, transportation and other non-emergency matters will not be delivered during instructional time.  Students should be directed by parents to go to the school office after school, if necessary.  The office cannot be held responsible for delivering messages to students unless it is an actual emergency.  Parents are encouraged to let students assume responsibility for remembering lunches, school items, homework, etc.  Items that may be distracting to the learning environment (balloons, flowers, etc.) will not be delivered to the classrooms.

Birthdays - A child’s birthday is a family celebration.  Instructional time cannot be used to celebrate a child’s birthday. If you would like to send a birthday treat for your child’s class, please make arrangements with their teacher prior to bringing it in due to potential food allergies, scheduling, etc.  Treats must be purchased at a store or bakery and may not be homemade.  Children will be provided the treat during a non-instructional time (recess, lunch, dismissal).  Balloons, presents, etc. should be presented to the child at home.  Please refrain from distributing birthday or party invitations at school unless the entire class is invited. This avoids hurt feelings.

Homework - The purpose of homework is to extend and reinforce what has been taught in class.  Students who regularly do homework are more successful in school.  Homework is explained to students before they take it home.  Parents are requested to support the classroom homework program by providing a quiet place and a regular time for your child to do homework and reviewing all work with your child upon completion.  In addition to class work assignments, every child at Strauch School is expected to read or be read to for 20 minutes a day. 

Report Cards - Report cards are sent home at the end of each trimester.  Your child’s first trimester report card will be handed out during parent conferences on November 16 & 17, 2017.  The remaining two report cards will be handed out in March and June.  Trimester schedules are:

                     1st Trimester:   August 8, 2017 – October 30, 2017

                     2nd Trimester:   November 1, 2016 – February 23, 2018

                     3rd Trimester:   February 24, 2018 – June 1, 2018

Concerns/Complaints - The district has adopted a clear set of procedures to address concerns and complaints.  Please use the following steps when you have a concern:
  • Classroom or behavior concerns should first be brought to the attention of your child’s teacher.  Please call the teacher to explain your concern.  Small concerns may be addressed through a phone call; larger concerns are better addressed in a conference/meeting.
  • If the classroom concern is not satisfactorily addressed with the teacher or the concern is a school level concern, then please call the school administrator.  Small concerns may be addressed through a phone call; larger concerns are better addressed in a conference/meeting.
Books and Supplies - Students will be provided with required textbooks and school materials.  Teachers may suggest an additional supply list.  Each child is responsible for providing proper care for these materials.  In the case of lost or damaged text or library books, the student is responsible for replacement costs.  School records will be held in the office until all fines are paid.

Library Checkout - Children are encouraged to take home books from the School Library.  We ask your cooperation in seeing that your child takes care of the books and returns them when due.  Students will be required to pay for lost or damaged materials.  If you do not want your child to check out materials from the library, please send a note stating this with your signature and date to your child’s teacher.     

Lost and Found - Clothing, backpacks and larger items that are found will be held in the bin located in the cafeteria.  Unclaimed items will be donated periodically throughout the year.  Please try to label everything for your child.  Smaller items (e.g. jewelry, glasses) will be held in the office. 

Emergency Procedures - Strauch Elementary has an Emergency Plan that specifies an action for any emergency situation (e.g. fire, earthquake, intruder alert).  Parents are advised that in the event they are picking up students or visiting school in the middle of an emergency drill, they will be asked to wait until the drill is over to pick up their student.  Additionally, any individuals on campus during an emergency drill are subject to participate in the emergency drill.  Students will discuss and practice emergency procedures periodically throughout the year. 

Academic Assessments - Students are assessed each year using different assessment tools to measure progress toward meeting grade level standards.  To monitor student learning, students are given classroom, district and state assessments.  Assessment results are used by teachers to plan classroom instruction, identify the individual needs of students, monitor student progress toward grade-level standards and/or recommend student placement in various school programs. 

State Assessments - In the spring, all students in grades three through five take the California SBAC (Smarter Balance Assessment Consortium).  This assessment contains an English, Math and Writing component.  The entire test is electronic and taken on computers.  To help your child do well on this test, and in their normal school work, please ensure that your child gets plenty of sleep and has a healthy breakfast each day.

Prohibited Items - The following items are not allowed at Strauch Elementary School at any time:

Balloons                                Electronic Games/Music devices           Toys/Trading cards

Cameras                                Fireworks/Poppers                                Rolling Shoes/Heelies

Gum/Sunflower seeds            Perfume                                               Skateboards

Drugs/Paraphernalia              Matches/Lighters                                  Weapons/Replicas

Laser pens                             Footballs

Personal Possessions - Only items necessary for school should be brought to school (backpacks, folders, pencils, etc).  The school will not be responsible for the theft or damage to personal possessions that students bring to school.  Personal basketballs or playground balls may come to school to be used for recess games only.  Students may not exclude other students from games with their personal balls. 
Special Programs

Special Programs

Resource Specialist Program (RSP) - The Resource Specialist Program (RSP) is designed for children with learning disabilities that greatly impact their academic achievement.  Students are referred by the classroom teacher and/or parent after a detailed program of support and interventions have been tried and the student is still having considerable academic struggles.  All referrals are sent through the Student Study Team (SST) process.  The Resource Specialist and School Psychologist conduct the evaluations to determine eligibility for the program.  An Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) is written for students who qualify for the program.  The Resource Specialist coordinates the delivery of services to the child, which may be in the classroom or in a “pull-out” program.  The Resource Specialist is also available for consultation to students, parents and teacher who have concerns about individual student’s progress. 

Language, Speech & Hearing - The Language, Speech and Hearing Program provides designated instruction to students who exhibit delayed development of articulation skills, understanding and use of language skills and hearing impairment.  To enable students to actively participate and achieve in the classroom, students receive individual/small group instruction by the Speech and Language Therapist. 

Student Study Team - The Student Study Team (SST) is an effective way to bring together all resources to support students having difficulties in regular classes (a group problem solving method).  The team gathers, at the request of the teacher, for a concentrated problem solving meeting where all involved persons are present.  The parent may be asked to participate in person, or provide input via phone conference or a written questionnaire.  During an SST meeting, either recommendations or a comprehensive action plan is formulated to support student achievement.  If necessary, a follow-up meeting is scheduled to review the results of diagnostic testing, report progress or make further recommendations.  The SST is a teacher/student support system and is an expression of the school’s concern for students and their academic success.

Gifted and Talented (GATE) Program - Students are identified for the Gifted and Talented Program as early as third grade.  State assessments are used to determine eligibility.  Differentiated instruction is provided in the classroom, and GATE students are invited to participate in our afterschool GATE program. 

Sports/Afterschool Activities - Students at different grade levels are invited to tryout or join our sports teams and after school activities that are offered during the year.  Please check the school calendar, website or newsletter throughout the school year for more information. 
Awards and Recognition

Awards and Recognition

Student Awards - It is important to honor and recognize student accomplishment.  Students at Strauch Elementary are recognized for academic achievement, attendance, citizenship, and character traits.  All students have opportunities to earn trimester awards.  These awards are intended to promote and recognize a variety of achievements.  Assemblies are held each trimester to recognize students for Principal’s Honor Roll (straight A’s), Honor Roll (A’s and B’s), Perfect Attendance and Citizenship.    

Student of the Week/Month - Many classrooms select a student of the week/month. Teachers will recognize these students in the classroom through a variety of activities such as student picture displays, sharing their favorite toy or item from home, or having a special job assigned for the week/month. The teacher will establish criteria for this recognition and will inform students and parents.   

Fantastic Falcon Tickets - Staff members who witness students doing an excellent job following school rules and demonstrating good citizenship/work habits will issue the student(s) a fantastic falcon ticket.  Tickets can be earned on the yard, in the classroom and in the cafeteria.  Students will place their tickets in the class container and a drawing will be held every Friday to reward those students whose names are drawn. 
Uniform Policy

Uniform Policy

Mandatory School Uniform Policy - The Staff at Strauch Elementary School believes that every student should be allowed to learn free of distraction and should be safe going to and from school, as well as throughout the school day.  An environment that is safe and caring will only increase our students’ ability to be as successful as we know they can be.   Students in uniform help staff to see immediately who should or should not be on campus.  The uniform policy has the support of staff, parents and the Twin Rivers Unified School District.  Students play in the bark boxes, on the blacktop and on the field regularly.  They need to have clothes that are comfortable and appropriate for active play.
  • Long pants, skirts, jumpers and shorts may be navy blue or khaki.  Plain dark blue jeans are also acceptable.  
  • Sweats with elastic at the ankles, nylon shorts or nylon warm-up pants are not considered uniform attire. 
  • Clothes must fit well and may not be “baggy” or skintight.  ‘Sagging’ pants are not allowed at any time. 
  • Leggings may be a solid blue, white, or black and cannot be worn as pants. 
  • Polo shirts, turtlenecks and shirts with a collar may be worn in white, navy or light blue only.  These items should be free of logos or designs.  They must be a solid color. 
  • No tank tops or short tops may be worn as a shirt.  (No midriff showing). 
  • Colored undershirts are not allowed. 
  • At no time are undergarments to be exposed.
  • No special jacket is required.  Please avoid jackets with team logos.
  • Shoes that are suitable for physical education should be worn.  Lace-up or Velcro sneakers are the ideal style.  Socks should always be worn.  Sandals or backless shoes are not to be worn; shoes need to be close-toed.
    Hats are discouraged at school. Only hats to protect from the sun or cold weather are allowed.  Hats may not be worn indoors.    
  • Shorts and Skirt length:  Must be longer than the student’s fingertips when their arms are extended straight down.
  • Red:  We do not allow children to wear the color red at any time.  Please try to avoid purchasing red jackets or shoes.
  • Strauch logo t-shirts (sold in the office) with uniform bottoms are acceptable uniform shirts and can be worn daily.
  • Last Friday of each month:  Free dress.  Please remember that dress code is still in effect for these days which does include no red or open toed shoes.    
CONSEQUENCES FOR NON-COMPLIANCE - We work with students and families to make sure that everyone follows the School Uniform Policy.  We have an open uniform closet. If a student comes to school out of uniform, the school staff may:
  • Call home and ask that a change of clothing be brought to the school.
  • Lend an item from our uniform closet. 
  • Send a note home to the parent.
EXEMPTIONS - If you choose not to have your child comply with the Student Uniform Policy adopted at Strauch School, you must apply for a waiver from the uniform requirements for the school year. This can be done by speaking with Strauch administration and writing a letter.  If the waiver is approved, your child must continue to follow the Twin Rivers Unified School District Administration Regulation #5560(a) regarding district wide Dress Code.
School Behavior Plan

School Behavior Plan

All students are expected to be safe, respectful and responsible.  This includes on the way to school, at school and on the way home from school. 

Climate for Learning - The school staff is committed to providing a safe, orderly and caring learning environment where students feel comfortable, share responsibility for maintaining a positive school climate and take pride in their school and their achievements.  As a school, we encourage attitudes and behaviors that promote mutual respect and harmonious relations.  Students are not allowed to bully other students or provoke conflicts.  Behavior or statements that degrade an individual on the basis of his/her race, ethnicity, culture, heritage, gender, sexual orientation, physical/mental attributes, religious beliefs or practices shall not be tolerated.  All school personnel are mutually responsible for managing student conduct, safety and the enforcement of school policies and regulations. 

School Rules    
  • Be Safe
  • Be Respectful
  • Be Responsible
Consequences - Misbehavior will be corrected as a means to provide a healthy learning environment, ensure safety for your child and maintain an orderly campus.  For students who choose not to follow the rules and expectations, they can expect any of the following consequences: 
  • Warning
  • Loss of recess
  • Time-out
  • Parent contact
  • Loss of privileges
  • Citation
  • Office referral
  • Suspension 
Citations - Citations are issued by school staff and sent home for parent signature.  Citations are used to report any classroom, cafeteria or playground problems to the teacher/parent.  Students receiving citations may be excluded from activities and lose other privileges. 

Office Referrals - Students are sent to the office on referral for serious infractions.  Students meet with the administrator or designee to discuss the incident that caused the referral.  Office referrals are documented in the Student Discipline database.  Students receiving office referrals may be excluded from participating in activities/assemblies and may lose recess and other privileges. 

General Playground Rules:
  • Students are to stay in the playground area at all times
  • Contact sports or physical contact of any kind are not permitted (e.g. play-fighting, tag, pushing)
  • No throwing of rocks, bark, dirt, sticks or any other objects
  • ALL students are welcome to participate in ALL games during recess
  • Classroom walls may not be used as ball walls
  • No playing on classroom ramps
  • Students wait in line for drinks at the water fountains
  • Get drinks and use the restroom BEFORE the bell rings/whistle blows
Cafeteria Procedures
  • Students who bring lunch from home may go immediately to their assigned tables
  • Students remain seated at assigned lunch tables until they are dismissed by noon duty staff
  • Students will use proper and appropriate table manners
  • Students are not permitted to trade or share food with each other
  • Students are to leave their lunch tables and surrounding area clean and free from trash
  • Students dispose of garbage as they are excused from their table and then line up for recess
  • Students have 20 minutes to eat their lunch but may take their entire lunch period if they choose (45 minutes)
Bully Prevention Policy

Bully Prevention Policy

Strauch School believes that all students have a right to a safe and healthy learning environment.  Our school is committed to promoting mutual respect, tolerance and acceptance.  We will not tolerate behavior that infringes on the safety of any student or staff member. 

A student shall not intimidate or harass another student through words or actions.  Such behavior includes patterns of direct physical contact such as hitting or shoving, verbal assaults such as teasing or name calling (in person, in text messages or online) and social isolation or manipulation.

Incidents of bullying are expected to be reported immediately to a school administrator or designee.  Staff is expected to immediately intervene when they see a bullying incident occur.  Each complaint of bullying should be promptly investigated. 

Teachers will discuss the bullying policy with their students in age-appropriate ways and will assure students that they need not endure any form of bullying.   Students who bully are in violation of this policy and are subject to disciplinary action up to and including expulsion.  School rules are to be followed by every student while on school grounds, or when traveling to and from a school-sponsored activity.

Our policy includes the following:
  • Any student who engages in bullying may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including expulsion.
  • Students are expected to immediately report incidents of bullying to their teacher, a school administrator or designee
  • Students can rely on staff to promptly investigate each complaint of bullying in a thorough and confidential manner
  • The school prohibits retaliation against any complainant or any participant in the complaint process
The procedures for intervening in bullying behavior include, but are not limited to the following:
  • Parent/Student/Administrator conference
  • Conflict resolution through group or individual work with an administrator or designee
  • Disciplinary action from staff or administrator, including loss of privileges, loss of recess time or suspension



Be Safe


Be Respectful


Be Responsible



Arrival & Dismissal Areas

__ Bus Riders

__ Car Riders

__ Walkers

__ Bicycles

__ Skateboards

__ Scooters


Use sidewalks and cross walks   

Wait in designated areas

Walk safely with a friend or   

    family member

Walk bicycles, skateboards

    & scooters while on campus

Wear helmets

Secure bicycles, skateboards  

    & scooters

Obey crossing guards &  

    staff members

Walk quietly to your 

    designated place

Be present in supervised 


Students stay on campus   

    until dismissed  


Arrive and leave on time

Always go directly home or

    to your after school location

Make arrangements for

    after school plans before

    coming to school






Keep hands, feet & objects

   to self

Sit in chair safely

Use furniture & supplies     


Practice active listening

Raise a quiet hand to speak

Use quiet, kind words and


Ask to use other’s property

Follow directions

Be on time and be prepared

Stay on task

Clean up after yourselves






Keep hands, feet and objects

    to self

Hold tray with two hands

Report spills immediately

Walk to line up & out to  


Wait patiently & use good


Raise hand for help

Listen & obey when staff is


Use polite language and

    appropriate level of talking

Allow anyone to sit next to


Follow directions

Be on time and be prepared

Stay on task

Clean up after yourselves








Walk to and from


Stay within boundaries

Be aware of activities/games

    around you

No play fighting

Play fairly

Include everyone

No teasing or bullying

Listen and obey all staff


Ask for equipment politely

When whistle blows, stop

    playing and freeze

Walk quietly to your

    classroom line when 2nd

    whistle blows





Walk in single file

Hold the door open for


Be silent in the hallway

Keep hands, feet, and object

    to yourself

Must have a pass





Keep feet on floor

Keep water in the sink

Wash hands with soap &


Put paper towels in garbage

Give people privacy

No playing

Leave lights on

Doors unlocked when not in


Flush toilet after use

Return to room or

    playground promptly



Office & Health Office


Stay where told


Wait your turn & follow


Sit quietly

Must have office pass

Get permission to use phone



Media / Library


Use books and equipment


Walk while in the library



Use whisper voices

Food and drink with

    permission only

Get permission to use


Return books when due

Stay in your space

Listen & follow directions

Use internet appropriately



Special Events & Assemblies

Enter cafeteria quietly and

    sit in assigned area

Use quiet signal

Keep hands, feet & objects

    to yourself

Use manners

Show appreciation by

   applauding appropriately


Be quiet so others can hear

Stay seated so others can see

Sit on bottom with legs




Dear Parents and Families,

In order to provide the best education for your children, it is essential that we work closely with you.  You are a very important part of our team.  We encourage you to take an active role in your children’s education.  Teachers, parents, and students share responsibilities that we as partners carry out to achieve student success in school and in life.  Teachers have reviewed these responsibilities with students in class, please review them again at home.  Thank you!


The school plays a very important role in developing learning skills for life.  To enhance your child’s education and success in school, I will make every effort to:
  • Provide each student with the best educational program possible.
  • Provide a safe, nurturing environment in which students can learn.
  • Communicate your child’s progress in a timely manner, through conferences, meetings, progress reports and other available means.
  • Maintain high expectations for every student, and ensure every student learns.
  • Enforce school and classroom rules fairly and consistently.
  • Maintain professional behavior and a positive, supportive mindset. 
Teacher’s Signature______________________________________Date______________


I realize that my education is important.  I know I am the one responsible for my own success.  Therefore, I will make every effort to:
  • Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible
  • Come to school every day and on time ready to learn and work hard.
  • Complete all my work to the best of my ability. 
  • Follow school and classroom rules.
  • Be respectful toward my teachers, school staff, other students and families.
  • Bring necessary materials, completed assignments and homework. 
  • Actively participate in class and ask for help when I need it.
Student’s Signature______________________________________Date_______________


Parents and family are a child’s first and most important teachers.  To encourage my child’s learning and success in school, I will make every effort to:
  • Ensure that my child comes to school every day on time and ready to learn.
  • Assist my child with daily homework.
  • Provide a quiet place for my child to read every day. (20 min. grades K-3 / 30 min. grades 4-5)
  • Make sure my child gets at least eight hours of sleep every night.
  • Limit and supervise recreational technology (video games, TV, etc.).
  • Attend school conferences and scheduled meetings.
  • Maintain open lines of communication with school staff and let my child’s teacher know when I have a concern.
Parent’s Signature ______________________________________Date_______________


Queridos Padres y familias,

Con el fin de proporcionar la mejor educación para sus hijos, es esencial que trabajamos estrechamente con usted. Usted es una parte muy importante de nuestro equipo. Le animamos a tomar un papel activo en la educación de sus hijos. Los maestros, los padres y los estudiantes comparten las responsabilidades que nosotros como socios llevamos a cabo para lograr el éxito estudiantil en la escuela y en la vida. Los maestros han revisado estas responsabilidades con los estudiantes en clase.  Pedimos que los repasen de nuevo en casa. ¡Gracias!


La escuela juega un papel muy importante en el desarrollo de habilidades de aprendizaje para toda la vida. Para mejorar la educación y el éxito escolar de su hijo, voy a hacer cada esfuerzo para:
  • Proporcionar a cada estudiante con el mejor programa educativo posible.
  • Proveer un ambiente seguro y acogedor en el que los estudiantes pueden aprender.
  • Comunicar el progreso de su hijo en el momento oportuno, a través de conferencias, reuniones, informes de avance y otros medios disponibles.
  • Mantener altas expectativas para todos los estudiantes y asegurar que cada estudiante aprende.
  • Hacer cumplir las reglas de la clase y de la escuela de manera justa y consistente.
  • Mantener un comportamiento profesional y una mentalidad positiva y de apoyo. 
Firma de Maestro(a)______________________________________Fecha______________


Me doy cuenta de que mi educación es importante. Yo sé que soy el responsable de mi propio éxito. Por lo tanto, voy a hacer todo lo posible para:
  • Comportarme seguro, respetuoso, y responsable.
  • Asistir a la escuela todos los días a tiempo y listo(a) para aprender y trabajar duro.
  • Completar todo mi trabajo a lo mejor de mi capacidad. 
  • Seguir las reglas de la escuela y del salon.
  • Ser respetuoso hacia mis maestros, personal escolar, otros estudiantes y familias.
  • Traer los materiales necesarios y mis tareas terminadas.  
  • Participar activamente en clase y pedir ayuda cuando la necesite.
Firma de estudiante______________________________________Fecha_______________


Los padres y la familia son los primeros y más importantes maestros de un niño. Para fomentar el aprendizaje y el éxito en la escuela de mi hijo(a), voy a hacer todo lo posible para:
  • Asegurar que mi hijo(a) venga a la escuela todos los días a tiempo y listo para aprender.
  • Ayudar a mi hijo(a) con la tarea diaria.
  • Proporcionarle un lugar tranquilo para que mi hijo(a) pueda leer todos los días.
  • Asegúrarme de que mi hijo(a) reciba por lo menos ocho horas de sueño cada noche.
  • Límitar y supervisar la tecnología recreativa (videojuegos, TV, etc..).
  • Asistir a las conferencias de padres, juntas escolares y reuniones programadas.
  • Mantener abiertas las líneas de comunicación con el personal de la escuela y dejarle saber al maestro(a) de mi hijo(a) cuando tengo una preocupación.

Firma de Padre/Guardian______________________________________Fecha_______________
2017-2018 Strauch School Calendar

2017-2018 Strauch School Calendar

Back to School Night                                                     August 10th (5:30-7:00)

First Day of School                                                         August 8th

No School / Labor Day                                                   September 4th

Fall Picture Day                                                            October 17th   

End of 1st Trimester                                                        October 30th

No School /Professional Development Day                     October 31st             

No School /Veterans’ Day                                              November 10th

Shortened Day                                                                November 14th

No School /Parent conferences                                        November 16th and 17th

No School/ Thanksgiving Recess                                    November 20th – 24th

Minimum Day                                                                December 20th   

No School /Winter Break                                                December 21st- January 5th

No School /Martin Luther King Jr. Day                           January 15th

No School /Professional Development Day                     January 26th

No School /Presidents’ Day                                            February 16th & 19th  

End of 2nd Trimester                                                       February 23rd  

No School                                                                      March 16th                                   

No School / Spring Recess                                              March 26th - April 2nd  

Spring Picture Day                                                        April 13th

Open House                                                                   April 19th (5:30-7:00)

No School /Memorial Day                                               May 28th

End of 3rd Trimester                                                        June 1st

5th Grade Promotion                                                       June 1st

Last Day of School (Minimum Day)                               June 1st  

Minimum Days – dismissal at 1:42

Shortened Days – dismissal at 2:12

Early Out Wednesday - dismissal at 1:12

Refer to newsletters and fliers for more details about other upcoming school wide events, parent meetings, School Site Council and ELAC meeting dates and times.